Fall 2019: September 9th - November 22nd @ ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH

Wee Ones Music: (K-1st Gr.) w/  Jenna Paulden Mondays 4-5pm

As TYMS is an “after” school program our biggest priority in the K/1 class is FUN! That having been said, students in this class work at developing both skill and understanding in the basic elements of music via experiences in body percussion, speech, singing, movement, games, reading books that can be sung and the playing of pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments. Within any one class, the activities might be mixed, i.e., beginning with moving to a short piece of orchestral music, playing a game, working with a poem, adding instruments, creating movement and gesture that act out the text, etc. 

Growing Music:  (2nd & 3rd Gr.) w/  Jenna Paulden Wednesdays 4-5:30pm

Again, a priority of focus for these students is FUN! The social dimensions of group music-making are a central quality of this class. This age level increases time spent with specially designed Orff instruments as well as active involvement in music-making through the body, voice, movement. This multi-dimensional approach recognizes the many doors through which a child can enter the musical world and provides opportunities for aural, visual and kinesthetic learners to feel successful in music. This class also begins to work with understanding traditional music notation- including reading simple rhythms and melodies.  See video

Sing Free World Music:  (3rd - 6th Gr.) w/ Tara Somerville, Mondays 4-5:30

Using singing techniques inspired by legendary song leaders Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey & The Rock, vocal activist Melanie DeMore, and Shivon Robinsong and Dennis Donnelly of the Gettin’ Higher Choir, Sing Free will learn songs from around the world, under the direction of singer/songwriter Tara Somerville. The first hour of class will include vocal warm ups, singing technique, song-learning and practice, including discussion of song interpretation and meaning.

The remaining 1/2 hour will vary each week but topics will include songwriting; musical theater; basic ukelele chords to accompany singing; dance, art and music improv. These topics will be somewhat flexible according to student interest.

No singing or music experience required, but a desire and willingness to sing is strongly encouraged!

Violin 101:  (4th - 12th Gr.) w/ Rachael Penn Mondays 4-5:30pm

The beginning violin class will introduce students to the world of strings, classical music, fiddle tunes, simple improvisation and music reading.   Students will build skills giving them a solid foundation for playing the violin, including: good violin and bow holds, proper care habits for their instrument, an understanding of written rhythms, the ability to identify and play notes on the treble clef and skill in playing by ear. The class will use the Suzuki method repertoire complemented with fiddle tunes from different genres and possibly even some class created original music!  Body awareness, movement techniques and music games will also be woven throughout class time to balance physical and mental challenges with fun, relaxation and laughter.  No previous musical experience required, just a commitment to the class and a willingness to learn!  Some free "rental" instruments are available on a first come first served basis.

Violin 102:  (4th - 12th Gr.) w/ Rachael Penn Mondays 5:30-7pm

The intermediate/beginning violin class will build on the foundation from Violin 101.  This class will dive into the Suzuki Book 1 Minuets, more advanced music reading skills, Old Time, Irish and Bluegrass fiddle tunes, and harmony parts.  Students should be a the level of "Perpetual Motion" from Suzuki Book 1 and have a willingness to try new challenges!  Body awareness, movement techniques and music games will also be woven throughout class time to balance physical and mental challenges with fun, relaxation and laughter.  Some free "rental" instruments are available on a first come first served basis.

Beginning Guitar :  (4th - 12th Gr.) w/ Sarah Martinez, Wednesday 4 - 5:30pm

The beginner class will go over basic chords, and proper hand position.  No previous experience with the instrument is required, only a willingness to learn!

Intermediate Guitar :  6th - 12th Gr. w/ Sarah Martinez, Thursdays 4 - 5:30pm

Students in the intermediate guitar class need to know open chords and have at least 7-10 songs or song riffs under their belt. They have to be able to comfortably handle the guitar. This class will advance their skills and fluency with the instrument.

YOUTH CHOIR:  (6th-12th Gr.) w/ Mark Jackson, Tuesdays 4 - 5:30pm

Youth Choir w/ mark jackson

Youth Choir w/ mark jackson

A vocal class for singers, age 13 and up, who already
have a level of vocal technique, can hold independent vocal parts,have good
pitch recognition, and good melodic memory.The students work on a
repertoire to be performed at the end of each term.The repertoire will
include one classical piece (madrigal or round), one or more Gospel Songs
and selections from Pop, Broadway, or original selected by
students. Advanced. Permission of Instructor. 

Garage Band 101: (6th - 12th Gr.) w/ Harlan Kesson and Ryan Beckwith, Tuesdays 4 - 5:30pm

The only requirement to join this class is that you MUST be willing to sing if you want to be in Garage Band. We will do vocal warm-ups at the beginning of every class. We don’t require singing proficiency, but you have to be willing to try as this is such an important aspect of becoming a musician: it is essential for pitch recognition, interval recognition and relative pitch. We will learn contemporary music just as we have for the past decade and the class will introduce students to the Nashville Numbers system. By learning this system students will learn to transpose any song to any key effortlessly and will learn how chords are constructed and how they relate to each other. This system leads naturally to learning to read and write notation but is a great starting point as it provides an easy to understand and execute foundation and makes learning, charting and transposing easily accessible to students right away. There is a strong performance aspect to Garage Band. See video

Garage Band 102:  (6th - 12th Gr.) w/ Harlan Kesson and Ryan Beckwith, Tuesdays 5:30 - 7pm

A continuation of GB101. Requires skill approval from teachers.