YouthFest.... A Celebration of Youth

On Saturday, May 15th in Kit Carson Park from 10 - 4, Taos Youth Music School hosted YouthFest - a celebration of youth. Youth organizations from Taos County wrtr present to show you who they are and what they do. There wrtr activities for kids of all ages... entertainment, storytelling, poetry slam, cake walk, and many more things to do. The Taos Youth Music School Gospel Choir and Garage Bands performed as well as Extreme Martial Arts, Flamingo Dance group from TADA and the Moreno Valley High School rock band called Who's Who. It was a beautiful day and great fun!

TYMS Gospel Choir Singing at YouthFest, May 2010

TYMS Garage Band 101 Rockin the House at YouthFest, May 2010

TYMS Garage Band 102. Part of the guitar lineup. YouthFest, May 2010

TYMS Garage Band 103 Rockin It at YouthFest, May 2010