Announcing TYMS's Fall 2014 Offerings - including new classes!

Fall of 2014 marks the start of our 15th year making music in Taos!

We are excited to offer new classes this fall - to meet the interests of our students.

    1. Beginning Guitar (6th - 12th grades)

    2. Advanced Garage Band (6th-12 grades)

    3. Percussion (6th - 12th grades)

    4. And we are reshaping what has been 4th/5th grade music education to focus the curriculum on a choir, for grades 3 through 6th.

Our full schedule of classes this fall is as follows:

K/1 Music Education

2 /3 Music Education

Choir - for grades 3rd through 6th (new curriculum!)

Youth Choir - for grades 6th - 12th

Beginning Guitar - for grades 6th - 12th (new class!)

Intermediate Guitar - for grades 6th - 12th

Garage Band - for grades 6th - 12th

Advanced Garage Band - for grades 6th -12th (new class!)

Percussion - for grades 6th - 12th (new class!)

Registration for the Fall semester will be held on August 25th.

Classes begin September 2nd.

PLEASE contact us if interested in the new classes or to pre-register for Fall. Check back for scheduling information. (See our Registration page for more info on how to register.)